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Normalcy Subcommittee

The Strengthening Families Act (SFA) Committee created the Normalcy Subcommittee to to examine and create recommendations surrounding normalcy for children and youth in out of home placements. In 2016, the subcommittee completed their report of recommendations that can be found below. Within the report, the group outlines recommendations in the following areas:

  • Enhancing Normalcy for Youth and Children
  • Normalcy and Families
  • Normalcy and Technology
  • Youth and Schools
  • Youth Access to Information and Healthcare
  • Youth Access to a Sustainable, Durable Routine

After completion of their 2016 report, this subcommittee went into archived status. Recently in 2018, the group was reformed to review the Normalcy Plans and Reports submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services by licensed facilities. The subcommittee anticipates feedback to be provided to the larger SFA Committee in early 2019.

Nornmalcy Subcommittee Resources

Normalcy Subcommittee Membership


If you would like additional information on the Normalcy Subcommittee or wish to be added to the mailing list for meetings, please contact Commission staff at or 402-890-6510.