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Strengthening Families Act Committee

On April 20, 2016, Governor Ricketts signed into law LB 746 which created the Strengthening Families Act Committee (formerly the Normalcy Task Force) under the authority of the Nebraska Children's Commission.  Prior to coming under statute, the group functioned under the Children’s Commission as the Strengthening Families Act (SFA) Taskforce.  The Strengthening Families Act Committee superseded the SFA Taskforce on the effective date of July 1, 2016.  More information on the previous Taskforce can be found on the Strengthening Families Act Taskforce page.

The purpose of the Strengthening Families Act Committee is to act as an advisory body while the “normalcy” provisions of the Strengthening Families Act are implemented in Nebraska. This group has and will continue to create recommendations surrounding the provisions that support youth in foster care to engage in normal childhood activities, such as sleepovers, extracurricular activities, sports participation, sleep-away camp, and other pro-social activities that encourage healthy development. Membership was populated with stakeholders who have backgrounds and expertise in the Strengthening Families Act.

The Committee, chaired by Sarah Helvey (Nebraska Appleseed) and Vernon Davis (Former Youth in Foster Care), typically meets quarterly on the first Wednesday in February, May, August, and November.  The Committee has the following active subcommittees to create recommendations on priority areas of the Strengthening Families Act:  Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA), Community and Family Voice, Normalcy, and Trafficking subcommittees.  Their 2016 Annual Report, which was approved by the Nebraska Children's Commission on November 15, 2016, focuses on the major themes identified by the work of the Task Force and Subcommittees, and the recommendations and activities of the subcommittees.

Below you will find the Strengthening Families Act Committee, then known as the Normalcy Task Force, 2016 Annual Report and a number of helpful resources detailing information about the Strengthening Families Act. You can also access upcoming meeting materials on the Current Meeting Documents page, with past meeting materials accessible on the Past Meeting Documents page.

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Strengthening Families Act Committee Membership


If you wish to be added to the Normalcy Task Force meeting mailing list, please contact Amanda Felton at or (402) 471-4416.