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Foster Care Reimbursement Rate Committee (2012)

LB 820, which was signed by Governor Dave Heineman on April 11, 2012, required DHHS to create a commitee to develop a standard foster care reimbursement rate structure for children in foster care. It included a statewide standardized level of care assessment that tied performance with payments to achieve permanency outcomes for children and families.

The committee was required to:

  • Use the Foster Care Minimum Adequate Rates for Children study as a beginning standard for setting reimbursement rates;
  • Adjust the standard to reflect the resonable cost of achieving measureable outcomes for all children in foster care in Nebraska;
  • Use consumer expenditure data, additional costs of children in foster care and a gegraphic cost of living adjustment;
  • The reimbursement rate structure shall comply with funding requirements related to Title IV-E and federal programs.

The committee fell under the Nebraska Children's Commission jurisdiction and concluded its work in 2012.

Foster Care Reimbursement Rate Committee Membership (2012)

Foster Care Reimbursement Rate Committee (2012) Documents