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Nebraska Children's Commission
Nebraska Children's Commission

Nebraska Children's Commission Archived Subgroups

Statutory Subgroups

The following Committees are sugroups currently or previously outlined in statute. While some of the Committees continue to remain active (highlighted in blue) many of the workgroups and subcommittees under them have gone into archived status.

Case Management, Supportive Services, and Housing Subcommittee
Case Oversight Subcommittee
Fiscal Monitoring Issues and State-Funded Guardianship Subcommittee
Finance and Policy Workgroup
Juvenile Justice Extension Subcommittee
IV-E Penetration Subcommittee
Outreach, Marketing, and CommunicationSubcommittee
Policy Eligibility, and Transition into the Program Subcommittee




Foster Parent Survey Taskforce





IV-E Demonstration Project Committee

IV-E Penetration rate Subcommittee
IV-E Waiver Implementation Plan Subcommittee






Courts and Legal System Workgroup
Evaluation of Programs and Assessment of Youth Workgroup
Legislative Workgroup
Out of Home Placement and Transition Workgroup
Placement and Needs Mapping Workgroup
Service Coordination Workgroup
Community and Family Voice Subcommittee
Court Implementation Subcommittee
Grievance Subcommittee
Trafficking Subcommittee
Training Subcommittee








Commission Made Subgroups

The following subgroups were created by the Commission to focus on strategic plan goals and have gone into archived status.