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Juvenile Services Committee (JSC)

Statutory Information: Created by LB821(2012) and codified at Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง43-4203, the Juvenile Services Committee (JSC) examines the structure and responsibilities of the Office of Juvenile Services and makes recommendations related to the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers (YRTCs) and the juvenile justice system of care. In 2017, the JSC and the Nebraska Coalition for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) made the decision to collaborate in order to eliminate duplication, coordinate work to support juvenile justice, and make the most responsible use of resources possible.

The JSC and its subgroups recently welcomed new Co-Chairs to the Committee: Nick Juliano (President & CEO, Nebraska Youth Justice Initiative), and Deb VanDyke-Ries (Director, Nebraska Court Improvement Project). New workgroups were voted on recently and consist of the Needs Assessment Workgroup, Racial and Ethnic Disparities Workgroup, and the YRTC Workgroup. A chart of these groups can be posted below at a later date.

The Committee currently meets on a quarterly basis. Notice of Committee meetings are posted on our current meetings page as well as the Nebraska Public Meeting Calendar. You can access past meeting documents here.

Juvenile Services Committee Reports and Recommendations






















Juvenile Services Committee Structure


If you would like additional information on the Juveniles Services Committee, its subgroups, or wish to be added to the mailing list for meetings, please contact Commission staff at or 402-890-6510.